GZH Blockchain

Records the intellectual and manpower contribution of innovation and entrepreneurial services, short-termizes the long-term return through ecological benefits exchange.


GZH token helps to unify knowing and doing via group pressure and collective intelligence.


With GZH, it won't be hard any more for early stage entrepreneurs to get the help they desire.


GZH tokenizes time, mental and physical input of enterpreneurial communities, mentors, incubators.


Varieties of enterpreneurship communities, incubators and start ups are joining GZH, forming the alliance.


GZH token official wallet on iPhone.


GZH token official wallet on Android phone.

UTEX Exchange

Singapore based utility token exchange


A reliable decentralized distributed ledger and acceptable performance are the primary goals of the GZH platform. At the same time, the privacy and security considerations are also taken into account.


GZH utilizes Delegated Proof of Stake -Byzantine Fault Tolerant as the consensus algorithm. Users hold GZH tokens select orderer nodes and endorser nodes by voting.


In GZH, a set of X.509 compatible digital identity standards will be implemented to identify the individuals, organizations, and other entities on the chain.


GZH utilizes channels to meet the requirements of data sharing and privacy protection.


GZH blockchain is smart contract blockchain supporting varieties of co-creating innovation business organizations, innovation and entrepreneurship communities, new entrepreneurial incubators and accelerators, uniting mass micro mental and manpower support to help ordinary individuals pursuit outstanding and achieve dreams by innovations and entrepreneurial activities.

"GZH token" is the currency in "GZH blockchain" ecosystem.

Numerous innovative and entrepreneurial projects that use the GZH blockchain issue smart contracts and tokens to form GZH ecosystem.

Those who have the ability to help provide intellectual and manpower support to projects and entrepreneurs will get GZH token. These helpers can freely convert GZH tokens to products, services, or future revenue equivalents in each item of the ecosystem.

In this way, GZH uses “diversified alliances” to bring together small fragmented intellectual/physical input for innovative entrepreneurial projects to help innovative entrepreneurs tide over the “bottleneck period”.

The nature of the exchange of social networks is based on the "social long-term reciprocity". Giving cash rewards only for a certain help will not only not promote the continuous return of social networks, but also undermine the long-term support of the network.

In addition, because the social network's help to the innovative entrepreneurs has little effect on a single occasion, the frequency is relatively high and the time of occurrence is extremely random, the value measurement based on the legal currency is also difficult.

Other blockchain solutions, although without the drawbacks of the legal currency and the "centralized" structure, still cannot solve the problem of "minor, fragmented intelligence and physical input can not correspond to entrepreneurial outcomes directly."

Although ETH is a trusted smart contract system, because it is completely open, there is a lack of supervision over certain resource-consuming projects and there are inherent defects in the technical level. At the same time, because it is not aimed at innovation and entrepreneurial intelligence and manpower gathering functions, it lacks the evaluation, optimization, and iterative monitoring mechanisms for innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

1. The result of entrepreneurial and innovation will be converted to GZH token directly.

2. Projects in GZH ecosystem release tokens that can be transfered to GZH token based on GZH blockchain.

3. Mortgage assets of GZH token appreciate itself.

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